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How to avoid a dog bite injury

Dogs are a serious threat to postal carriers who face the threat of a serious bite every day they go to work.

Learn what postal workers do to protect themselves from dog bites.

What does not work

First of all, carrying treats in your pocket for the dog usually does not work. Dogs don't attack you because they are hungry. They attack because they are defending their territory. The more often you go onto a dog's territory, the more agitated and angry the dog will become. This is one reason why postal carriers are so commonly attacked.

Running away from the animal usually does not work. The dog will take your flight as an invitation to chase you.

What does work

What does work for postal carriers is using their letter bag as shield and a distraction. By keeping the bag between themselves and the dog, it serves as a shield from dog bites. It is also a distraction. The dog may attack the bag instead of the person.

Any bulky object can serve as protection: a backpack, a box, or a purse. Once the dog is occupied with the object, slowly back away until you are in a place of safety. If the dog latches onto the object with its teeth, you can lead it by the teeth. Once you are in a position of safety (such as your vehicle or the other side of a fence) drop the bag. It's better to lose your bag than to suffer a serious wound.

If a dog bites you

If a dog bites you in Maryland, the owner is responsible. Damages are typically covered by homeowners insurance. An experienced dog bite attorney can help you recover the full compensation you deserve. It's important to report the attack to police, as doing so can protect others from being bitten.

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